Frontmatter Options

You can customize many setting for your current slide deck by adding one or more of the following properties into the frontmatter section of your slide:

Name Description Possible Values Default Value
width Sets the width of the presentation number 960
height Sets the width of the presentation number 700:
margin Empty space around the content number 0.04:
minScale Bounds for smallest possible scale to apply to content number 0.2
maxScale Bounds for largest possible scale to apply to content number 2.0
notesSeparator Sets the note delimiter string note:
separator Sets the slide separator string ^( ?| )—( ?| )$
verticalSeparator Sets the vertical slide separator string ^( ?| )–( ?| )$
enableLinks Enable backlinks in slides true / false false
theme Sets the theme see theme docs black
highlightTheme Sets the highlight theme see theme docs zenburn
css Adds further css files []
enableOverview Shows the Overview Button on the bottom right corner of the slide true / false false
enableChalkboard Activates the chalkboard for slides true / false false
controls Display presentation control arrows true / false true
controlsLayout Determines where controls appear edges / bottom-right bottom-right
progress Display a presentation progress bar true / false true
slideNumber Display the page number of the current slide see reveal.js docs false
overview Enable the slide overview mode true / false true
center Vertical centering of slides true / false true
loop Loop the presentation true / false false
rtl Change the presentation direction to be RTL true / false false
shuffle Randomizes the order of slides each time the presentation loads true / false false
fragments Turns fragments on and off globally true / false true
showNotes Flags if speaker notes should be visible to all viewers true / false false
autoSlide Controls automatic progression to the next slide number (in milliseconds) 0
transition Transition style none / fade / slide / convex / concave / zoom slide
transitionSpeed Transition speed default / fast / slow default
bg Sets a default background for all slides see slide background docs ‘#ffffff’
markdown Sets options for marked (see note below) (see note below)
enableTimeBar Activates elapsing timer bar for slides true / false false
timeForPresentation Sets the time for elapsing timer in seconds number 120
defaultTemplate Sets a template that will be applied to all slides see template docs null