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  • SaturdayShowcase: A weekly format where the Advanced Slides developers feature presentations of their users:
  • Rust Talks by No Boilerplate
  • Talk: Use It or Lose It by Nicole van der Hoeven
  • CSS Course by RemyDekor
  • Deck: Estimating The Hemodynamic Response Function by Lynne J Williams
  • Deck: Basisprozesse beim Beraten und Entscheiden in Teams by Matthäus Szturc
  • Deck: Digital Culture Analyse 21
  • Deck: The four Daggers
  • Deckset about Juggling by Marc Bielert
  • Deck: Hydrothermal Venture
  • Deck: ML Ops Examples by Sam Foreman
  • Deck: Scientific Data Science by Sam Foreman