Create Awesome Presentations in Obsidian

Advanced Slides is an open source plugin for Obsidian that allows you to create reveal.js based presentations in Obsidian. With this tool anyone who is able to create a note in Obsidian can also create a beautiful presentation.

We follow the philosophy of convention over configuration, which means that in most cases it is sufficient to simply write a Slide in Obsidian Markdown syntax.

Main features

  • Live Preview while editing your slides markdown
  • Theme support for your slides
  • Embed Support - include other Markdown documents in slides - ![[]]
  • Image Support
    • include images through Obsidian Synthax - ![[picture.jpg]]
    • pipe image properties - - ![[image.png|100x100]]
  • Block Support - ::: block
  • Footnote Support - Here's a footnote[^1]
  • Define stylesheets inside Markdown - <style>....</style>
  • Pass options To Slide Compiler through frontmatter
  • Annotate elements <!-- element class="red" -->
  • Support for internal links
    • [[Note]] will be rendered as normal text in Presentation
    • with aliases [[Note|My Note]]
  • Excalidraw Support
  • Mermaid Support

Call for Help

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