Advanced Slides comes with a varity of diffrent themes built in:

  • black (default)
  • white
  • league
  • beige
  • sky
  • night
  • serif
  • simple
  • solarized
  • blood
  • moon
  • consult
  • css/mattropolis.css

To activate a theme simply add a theme property in the frontmatter section of your slides:

theme: night


If you want to use a custom theme you can do that! Just place the theme in the plugins directory and load them from there.


If your theme file name is my-theme.css place it inside your Vaults directory in .obsidian/plugins/obsidian-advanced-slides/css/ subfolder and load it by adding the following line on top of your slides markdown file:

theme: css/my-theme.css


You can also load a custom theme directly from the Internet:



Highlight Themes

All you have learned so far about custom themes could be applied to highlight themes as well. Highlight Themes define how codeblock elements should look. To activate a highlight theme simply add a highlightTheme property in the frontmatter section of your slides:

highlightTheme: monokai


By default advanced slides comes with a variety of different highlight themes:

  • zenburn (default)
  • monokai
  • css/vs2015.css